Welcome to DRoots

Welcome to DRoots website. DRoots is a professional Deaf-led theatre company works with variety Deaf/mainstream communities around in London and UK. DRoots is a unique presence, aiming to produce groundbreaking and dynamic work through specialist work/project to aspire, expertise and empower variety group of Deaf adult to Children. We are currently ongoing through with the [...]

A memorandum from Steven Webb, DRoots Director

I would like to make a statement to announce DRoots’ future along with the co/founder David Ellington parting. It is my sad intention to announce David Ellington has already departed from DRoots to focus on his VS1 Production. I would like to extend my thanks for his involvement, fortitude and support with DRoots for the [...]

Upcoming Event – DCabaret – Seeking talented performers

We are seeking a new generation of talented performers for the DCabaret project. See this e-poster below.