D-LIVE! Cabaret Video Promo

Daryl Jackson introduces himself about our forthcoming electrifying and spectacular D-LIVE! Cabaret show in London on 18/24th of September. Click link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpOm_DMxByw&feature=youtu.be Get your tickets now ‪http://rvt.org.uk/whatson - see you there

Get online tickets to D-LIVE! Cabaret Show here

Click the link below to get tickets for D-LIVE! show event from - http://rvt.org.uk/whatson/single/d-live-cabaret

D-LIVE! Cabaret Show

D-Roots and JCPromotion proudly presents four new performers with an amazing set of acts never seen before in the wonderful world of Cabaret! Exploring the realm of cabaret using wonderfully rich Sign Language combined with beautiful colours that will impact you visually. Prepare to interact with the acts as they move around the audience, you won’t be sitting down […]